SAVE 2 HOURS RECOVERY TIME (30 days in a year)!


Mix the topshape100, hydrolyzed, tasteless protein to your recovery drink – and enjoy already during training. Can drink within the hard work out also – and so you use the amino acids you’ve been drinking in the gym – not your body’s – and the recovery starts at IMMEDIATELY!

Here you see the importance of hydrolyzed for recovery – because it is only drink, you can drink during the exercise.
The sequence of events:
– a moderate top workout starting at 90 minutes.
– At 0 min, the training was over
A  (red)  drinks with the smallest breasts (about 40 g = 1 dl powder = 36 g protein, mixed with 0.5 liters of water, seasoning if necessary with juice) a drink during and end of exercise.
B (green) drink about 20g of topshape100 before training (the same mix, 2 dl of water, liquid)
C (purple) in a traditional way. The protein is drunk after training (cleaved in the stomach, absorb in about 2 hours).
The recovery benefit is about 2.5h of the traditional compared to (above 0 for protein for blood to use).



Reijo Pasanen – Bodybuilding Grand Prix winner, several medals in Finnish, Scandinavian and European Championships (1988-2005). Today still in top shape.

“This is exelllent thing  – I can drink topshape100 immediately during the exercise. And recovery is already going on ! – Not after hours, like traditionally recovery drinking.

Also the mixing is great, and every time I can choose how it taste!”





Harri Bogdanoff – Finnish Championship competitor -80’s – Still exercise and good shape!

“This is Great product – it suits even sensitive stomach and can drink or eat with anything – even during heavy exercise!.

Very easy to mix !”



Esa Toppinen (left – right Tom Plaz Guest Poser in Finnish Championship – 87)  – medals Finnish Championship medals -80’s Still exercise – Not heavily. Have been training bodybuilding 45 years.

“This is best what I have been bought in my lifetime – I drink about 35 g protein with 0,5l water during the exercise – and recovery is already on. This should have available years ago – would save many years of recovery time during my 45 year bodybuilding.

One thing also is good; if I eat too much protein in a day, this not change to ammonium like normal protein – which also increases body acidity and weakens recovery …”

Here are some examples – Now is Your Turn – Learn From Experience!

Money back guarantee – if this drink comes back to mouth during exercise (1dl powder = 40g, 36g protein mixed with 0.5l water). Do not drink everything at one time, but time to time, between sets – as you would normally drink water!