Hydrolysed Collagen Benefits for muscles

Hydrolysed collagen is well absorbed and high in the amino acids glycine and proline. In fact, it tends to contain more glycine and proline than a lot of other foods. If you take a look at any typical whey protein powder, it tends to be relatively low in glycine. Collagen protein therefore is a good way to boost the glycine content of whey protein to complement its actions as a high quality protein.

Hydrolysed Collagen Benefits for Muscles

In a study, it was found that hydrolysed collagen was more able to maintain lean muscle mass in elderly subjects who were consuming a low protein diet, compared to whey protein (Hays et al, 2009). This implies that hydrolysed collagen may be a valuable source of protein, particularly during periods of fat loss to help maintain muscle mass.

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Try 1 dl powder mixed 0,5 l water – and during training you got 30g protein, much earlier than after training !!

Good and easy digestive protein source is very important for your body healthy and recover. This is the natural way of your own body to fulfil the needs from inside.